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TWOTREES® TS2 Laser Engraver Machine 450mm

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For the United Kingdom. Customs fee might occurs that you may need to pay Vat . Please Notice before ordering 

1. Key Function :

Working area: 450*450mm

Compressed Spot Technology : 10W laser is powerful to cut 8mm plywood easily. Advanced LD FAC C-lens technology enables the spot reach up to 0.08mm, and get much cleaner, thiner, smoother, deeper cuts. 10W super power laser supports high moving speed under strong stability.

Auto Focus : The Z-axis rising height is set via a custom button in the software and the focus is automatically adjusted for laser engraving and cutting.

Support Offline Engraving : Built-in ESP32-DOWD-V3 chip, 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, high speed dicing, support LaserGRBL and LightBurn software. Out of box DIY machine without complex installation. Easy to use APP makes it much more playable and funny. The machine supports operation via WIFI, TF card and USB connection. Connect and control it easily, no need messy cables.

2. Second Value :

Wire harness safety management: Double drag chain structure for X-axis and Y-axis, regulating and protecting the cables.

Design with flame detector, fire alarming, smart auto power off function and protection cover for maximized safety.

Laser protection: The laser will automatically stop within 10s when machine stops. For example, the laser head cannot be moved due to object obstruction (to prevent long emitted light from burning the object).

Emergency Stop Button: The machine stops working immediately after pressing the red emergency stop button. It cannot be started unless you turn the button in the right direction to unlock.

Limit Switch Design: Limit switches are installed on both X-axis and Y-axis. Easy to control the stoke whenever necessary. When the engraving stoke is at its maximum, the limit function will be automatically triggered to protect the laser and avoid collisions.

Built-in Air Assist kit : The laser head comes with a built-in air assist kit to improve engraving and cutting effect. The external air pump, as an enhanced additional accessory, will be used to assist to get the best effect in cutting and engraving.

Strong Support of Software and File Formats: L1ghtBurn/ LaserGRBL/APP (JPG/SVG/PNG/TIF/BMP/PDF/NG) Linux/Mac 0S / Windows (Win XP/ Win 7 /Win 8/ Win 10 / Win 11)

Extended Interface Module: Reserved screen serial port, offers more possibilities and expandability for DIY modification of the machine.

3. Service Value :

Strong Stability Design: XY axis tensioner: adjusts and tightens the timing belt by the tensioning pulley to improve the precision of the movement. New Y-axis motion structure design ensures it stable and synchronized operation, suitable for high-speed movements.

60% pre-assembled parts with modular design makes installation easier than ever before.

Silk-screened scale markings: for easy measurement and positioning of the engraved object.

Main Feature:

1. 450*450MM large size engraving area;

2. Equipped with flame alarm system, which can send an alarm and stop engraving;

3. Quick stop and quick shutdown, which is convenient for one-key on/off;

4. Various control methods: APP operation, offline operation , online operation;

5. The main board reserves an external display port, and customers can purchase an external display screen for offline use;

6. ESP32 main control board is more compatible with GRBL&Lightburn software, and has higher engraving and cutting accuracy;

7. Silk-screen scale profiles, easy to use Measure the size of engraved objects;

8. Equipped with a laser automatic lifting module, which is easy to adjust;

9. Laser touch automatic focus function, automatic focus, easy to use;

10. X/Y axis belt tensioner design, easy to adjust the belt tightness;

11. Tow chain routing design, the machine line is routed from the tow chain, and the appearance is clean;

12. The unique Y-axis motor module design ensures the stability and synchronization of the Y-axis operation, and the engraving accuracy is higher;

13. Matching Air-assisted system (excluding air pump), improve the engraving and cutting effect;

14. With 10W high-power laser module, it can engrave/cut many materials (refer to the attached table for specific materials);

15. Factory pre-assembled 60%, easy to install;

16 .Safety protection design: Within 10S when the machine stops moving, protection measures will be triggered to stop light emission and prevent burn-through


Laser Power : 10000mW

Electrical Requirement: 24V 4A DC

Motherboard : 32Bit

Engraving Speed: 10000mm/min

Engraving Method : USB/APP/Online/Screen Operation

Laser Wavelength : 445±5nm

Engraving Size : 450*450mm

Weight : 6.5KG

Engraving Material : Wood/Plastic/Paper/Leather/Bamboo/Stainless Steel/Chevron/Acrylic/Glass...

Engraving Mode: Image Carving/Text Carving/Scanning Carving/ Contour Carving

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