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Tuya Smart ZB Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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1. Tuya Smart ZB Temperature and Humidity Sensor: A Tuya ZB Wireless Gateway Hub is a must to work with the temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a variety of ZB smart products, which is proved to be the bridge and control center for smart homes and plays an irreplaceable role for all ZB products and realizes the whole intelligent linkage of your house.Simply add the sensor into the ZB hub after adding the hub into Smart Life/Tuya App.

2. Real-time perception of temperature and humidity changes and real-time report to your smart phones with Smart Life Tuya App supported.View history record in App for smart controls for your house temperature and humidity. Monitor your house temperature and humidity no matter where you are.

3. New ZB technology with low power consumption microprocessor for long standby.Designed with low voltage monitoring reminder function in App for real-time power supply for your sensor.Battery powered with long battery life.(battery not include)

4. New added with temperature compensation technique with smart scene linkage to your air conditioning and humidifier, offering your house with the most comfortable temperature and humidity to enjoy our smart life.

5. Widely used in various places and easily stick it to the wall with the sticker for simple installation,light and compact. Easy to set up and configure to your Smart Life App for convenient control.

6. Can be used with Alexa and Google home


Product name: Temperature and humidity sensor
Battery type: 2 x AA(NOT included)
Product parameter: DC3V LR03
Quiescent current: ≀10uA
Alarm current: ≀15mA
Low voltage and undervoltage: ≀2.6V
ZB working frequency: 2.400GHz-2.484GHz
Detection temperature: -10℃~ 60℃
Detection humidity: 0~100%RH
Working temperature:-10℃~ 50℃
Working humidity: maximum 95%RH

Package Included:

1 x Temperature and humidity Sensor
2 x Screw
1 x Card pin
1 x Stickers
1 x User manual

Note: This product needs to be used with zb3.0 gateway.

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