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ENJOYWOOD FB2 Engraver Protective Cover Enclosure Foldable Dust-Proof Cover

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ENJOYWOOD FB2 Engraver Protective Cover Enclosure Foldable Dust-Proof Cover for All Brand Laser Engraver


Power supply
12V 3A
Volume 760*740*420mm
Extension tube length 2M
Exhaust fan speed
Package Weight


1. High-level safety protection: ENJOYWOOD FB2 hard protective box, which is composed of three layers of protective materials: 900D high-density flame-retardant Oxford cloth honeycomb board professional fireproof cloth, which can be flame-retardant for more than 3 minutes under open wood fire. The hard box can realize long-term use without collapsing. 2. Lightweight and easy to store: ENJOYWOOD FB2 protective box adopts a free-installation box design, which can be assembled in three minutes after receiving it, and can be quickly disassembled and stored. 3. Healthy creation: ENJOYWOOD FB2 protective box can isolate the polluting gases generated during the laser cutting process: PM2.5/PM10/formaldehyde/TVOC, etc., and discharge harmful gases outside through the extension rod. Health is priceless, for the health of you and your family, please do a good job of safety protection. 4. Break through the limitation of the working environment: no longer need to worry about the laser cutting work site, use ENJOYWOOD's protective cover and air purifier, no need to worry about smoke exhaust and air pollution, you can work safely in your garage, basement and workshop. 5. Large capacity: 760*740*420mm super large capacity, perfectly compatible with 99% semiconductor laser engraving machines on the market, and supports roller heightening operation. 6. High adaptability: ENJOYWOOD FB2 protective box can be adapted to all protective box products of ENJOYWOOD, Atomstack, Ortur, NEJE, xtool and other brands, and corresponding line grooves are reserved.

Package Included:

1 x Protective box 1 x Exhaust hose 1 x Mesh cover 1 x Exhaust fan 1 x DC12V power supply 4 x M4*50 screws&Nut combination 1 x Throat Hoop 1 x Flange Fan 1 x H3 Allen Key 1 x Flat-blade Screwdriver

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