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12V 38mm Electric Stainless Submersible Water Pump Oil Fuel Transfer Refueling

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Low noise, fast speed
Seal performance is good, multi-channel seal
Stainless steel shell, not easy to deformation, but also to prevent the shell rust, rot.
With a stainless steel filter, make the extracted diesel (or water) cleaner
Model: 679917
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Size: 140x38mm
Pump Diameter: 38mm
Voltage: 12V
Maximum Load Current of 1.5A
Motor Speed: 8700r / min
Traffic: 12 L / min
Brand: other
Model: YB-38
Pressure: 2 (Mpa)
Material: Aluminum alloy
Pump shaft position: horizontal
Impeller suction method: single suction
Drive method: electric
Performance: no blockage, corrosion resistance, wear resistance
Uses: submersible pump
Principle: Vane pump
Conveying medium: oil pump
Flow rate: 1900 (m3/h)
Head: 2 (m)
Number of impellers: 6
1. The pump pumping should first take a good self-contain oil hose, 
and then put the pump completely into the clean oil (or water)
2.The pump after use, should put the pump from the oil (or water) out in time.
3.The bottom of the oil pump filter with stainless steel filter to make the extracted diesel (or water) cleaner. 
The bottom filter is equipped with a threaded connection for easy removal, maintenance and replacement. 
Can achieve the purpose of repeated use.
4.The pump maximum output of oil of 12 L / min
1.The pump is prohibited pumping gasoline,alcohol and other flammable liquids. Can not load and run dry pumping.
2.The pump should be intermittent work(in each time to use no more than 20 minutes,
stop for 10minutes and then continue to use)pay attention to work for not long time
3. Before use, make sure that the power cord and the oil pump power cord are in good contact. 
voltage tolerance ±5%, note the postive and negative pole.
Package Included:
1 X Submersible Pump
1 X Manual

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